Logging more miles for charity has never been easier than with Garmin!

How the Garmin integration with atlasGO has made it easier for our Ambassador, Christine, to log in more miles!


What inspires you to run with atlasGO?

The ability to raise money for organizations in need while taking care of my own health. Fitness has always been a part of my life, and with atlasGO, I’m able to share that passion and raise awareness for causes.


Why does Garmin integration make it easier to record your runs?

With atlasGO, every mile you run, walk, or bike is sponsored by a corporate sponsor to raise money for organizations in need. When I’m going on a run, I’m more aware of when to log my miles with atlasGO, but when I’m walking, I tend to forget to constantly log my miles, so with Garmin, it automatically tracks me when I’m walking, and I can clearly see it.

What are the facts you didn’t know about Garmin?

I honestly didn’t know they make fitness wearables until I started with atlasGO? But I’m glad I did because their products are so stylish, easy to use, have so many features, and look good when I’m wearing them casually or when I’m working out. And I love the accuracy of the product. I’ve gotten so many compliments on the watch, and when I tell people it’s actually a fitness tracker, people are even more shocked since it looks so nice!


I will definitely be using Garmin more often. It’s light and easy to use and makes me more excited to track my progress when I work out and run! I’d love to tell you more, but I have to log a few more miles to reach the goal✌?


Christine Nazareno: atlasGO Ambassador and engaged Garmin user!

If you also want a Garmin to track your everyday miles and do good at the same time …

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