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Findings from my working life as a sports lawyer

janvier 27, 2020 |

atlasGO has created the perfect app since you do good while doing sports. Most people engage in sports in their spare time and on a non-professional level. This is amazing and helps to improve health and happiness. Another advantage of doing sports is getting to know people and spending time with them. Therefore, people come together in running groups, fitness studios, courses, and sports clubs regularly. The coaches guide them and help them to become better. The trainers need to be educated, and the sports institutions need to be renovated from time to time. These financial investments are truly high, and therefore it is important to build an appropriate structure within the sports federations and clubs.

That means: There are many professional clubs and athletes who earn a lot of money by doing sports. Since sport is a cultural good, they can’t use the money only for themselves but have to invest parts of it in the non-professional sector of their discipline. It is the only way to keep the non-professional sport alive. And this is the point I try to help with my daily work.

As a lawyer focused on sports rights inter alia, I try to help build up the appropriate structures and keep them ongoing. There are a lot of things to do like formulating the right clauses in the clubs’ and federations’ statutes, negotiating about the distribution of funds, involving presenter of non-professionals in any kind of decision, and concluding good contracts between the professional clubs and their sponsors.

Besides, it is motivating to connect my “private” passion for my professional work. This way, I get insights into how sports are organized and how athletes shape their daily life. It is important not only to perceive money and glamour. We – non-professionals – should also appreciate the hard work athletes and coaches invest in from day-to-day. They have more to contend with injuries, fatigue, bad publicity, or strong competition than “normal” employees. That’s why they need a lot of passion and a strong will to assert themselves in the world of sports and to train day in and day out.

It is important to recognize these parts of professional sports since non-professionals can draw motivation for themselves from it. Likewise, professionals need to recognize their responsibility towards non-professionals. They should use their influence to build up structures protecting and supporting non-professional sports and enable investments in progress into this sector as well.

Since only if there are possibilities to do sports in a non-professional but also an attractive way
people can use their hobby to feel good and to do good – at its best with being part of atlasGO.

Caroline Dressel

atlasGO ambassador



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