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8 ways to celebrate World Nature Conservation Day at work

avril 19, 2023 |

Looking to celebrate World Nature Conservation Day at work with your employees? We have some ideas for you! 

World Nature Conservation Day is observed annually on July 28th to raise awareness about the importance of protecting and conserving our natural resources. As an employer, celebrating this day with your employees can not only create awareness but also foster a sense of community and inspire actions toward conservation efforts. 

In this blog post, we’ll share some creative and impactful ideas on how employers can celebrate World Nature Conservation Day in the workplace.

Here are 8 ways to celebrate World Nature Conservation Day with employees

1. Organize a tree-planting event

One of the best ways to celebrate World Nature Conservation Day at work is to participate in a tree-planting event. Trees play a crucial role in maintaining ecological balance, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and improving air quality. 

As an employer, you can organize a tree-planting event in a nearby park or forest reserve. Encourage your employees to participate in this event, and make sure to provide the necessary equipment and safety gear. You can also partner with local environmental organizations or government agencies to organize the event and ensure its success.

Have remote employees? Here’s how you can organize a virtual tree-planting event.

2. Conduct an environmental audit

An environmental audit can help your organization assess its impact on the environment and identify areas for improvement. You can conduct an environmental audit in your workplace by examining your energy and water consumption, waste management practices, and transportation policies. 

Once you have identified areas for improvement, you can develop a plan of action to reduce your environmental impact. Share the results of the audit with your employees and encourage them to contribute to the conservation efforts.

3. Go paperless for a day

Printing documents and using paper products contribute to deforestation and other environmental problems. Going paperless for a day can help your organization reduce its carbon footprint and promote sustainable practices. 

Encourage your employees to use digital tools for communication and collaboration, such as email, messaging apps, and project management software. You can also organize a paperless meeting or event, where all the information is presented digitally. 

Going paperless can not only reduce your environmental impact but also save your organization money on printing and paper costs.

4. Host an eco-friendly potluck

A potluck is a great way to bring people together and foster a sense of community. You can organize an eco-friendly potluck to celebrate World Nature Conservation Day, where everyone brings a dish made from locally sourced, organic, or vegetarian ingredients. 

Make sure to provide reusable plates, cups, and cutlery to avoid single-use plastic waste. You can also encourage your employees to bring their own reusable containers to take home leftovers. 

Hosting an eco-friendly potluck can not only promote sustainable food practices but also encourage your employees to make conscious choices about their food consumption.

5. Create a virtual challenge

Another way to celebrate World Nature Conservation Day at work is by creating a virtual challenge! A virtual challenge can help your organization engage employees in a fun and interactive way. You can design a challenge that encourages employees to take small but impactful actions toward conservation efforts.

For example, you can challenge employees to use public transportation or carpool to work for a week. Using a platform like teroGO, employees could even unlock real planted trees with the completion of their impactful activities.  teroGO’s virtual challenges use gamification for maximum employee engagement.

Creating a virtual challenge can not only promote sustainability but also boost employee morale and motivation.

6. Host an educational seminar

Hosting an educational seminar or workshop on environmental sustainability can be a great way to promote awareness and inspire actions among your employees. You can invite guest speakers or subject matter experts to discuss topics such as renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, or waste reduction. 

You can also organize interactive activities, such as group discussions, brainstorming sessions, or hands-on experiments, to engage your employees and encourage them to participate actively.

7. Volunteer for a local conservation project

Volunteering for a local conservation project can be an excellent way to show your organization’s commitment to environmental sustainability and contribute to conservation efforts. You can partner with local environmental organizations or government agencies to identify relevant projects, such as beach cleanups, wildlife habitat restoration, or community gardening. 

Encourage your employees to participate in these projects, and provide them with the necessary resources and support. Volunteering can not only help you make a tangible impact on the environment but also strengthen your team’s bonds and sense of purpose.

8. Promote green commuting

Promoting green commuting can be a powerful way to reduce your organization’s carbon footprint and encourage sustainable transportation practices. You can organize a bike-to-work day, where employees are encouraged to bike to work instead of driving or taking public transportation. 

You can also offer incentives or rewards for employees who use alternative transportation modes, such as walking, biking, or taking public transit. By promoting green commuting, you can not only contribute to environmental sustainability but also improve employee health and wellbeing.


Group of employees taking a selfie in office

In conclusion, celebrating World Nature Conservation Day in the workplace can create awareness and inspire actions toward conservation efforts.

By organizing a tree planting event, conducting an environmental audit, going paperless for a day, hosting an eco-friendly potluck, creating a virtual challenge, or one of our other ideas, employers can promote sustainable practices and foster a sense of community among employees. 

Written by Kelly Baker, Content Marketing at teroGO

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