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Fitness at Work: 5 Reasons Why a Workplace Gym is a Good Idea

June 10, 2023 |

Employee health and fitness have a direct relation to improving the bottom line of a company. One way of increasing employees’ morale and reducing their stress is by adding a gym to the workplace. According to a study, workplace gyms positively impact the performance of employees, helping them to feel more productive and less stressed.

In this blog, find out why a workplace gym is a good idea, how it can benefit your bottom line, and learn about a virtual option that gives the same benefits. 

Decreases Healthcare Expenses and Absenteeism 

Regular physical activity among employees has a significant impact on their overall wellbeing, leading to reduced absenteeism rates. Engaging in exercise not only aids in weight management but also enhances bodily functions, resulting in improved health and vitality.

With the convenience of a workplace gym, employees can easily access fitness resources, reducing the need for frequent doctor visits and lowering healthcare expenses.

Regular exercise offers numerous benefits beyond weight loss. It improves cardiovascular health, boosts respiratory efficiency, and enhances muscular strength.

Want a virtual option with the same benefits of a workplace gym? Try teroGO.

young man lifting weights

Builds Social Relations Beyond Working Hours

In-person meetings with fellow employees a workplace gym can help employees connect and build deeper bonds with each other, promoting a sense of community and camaraderie.

Have a remote workforce? This virtual challenge platform helps colleagues connect with each other and encourages physical activity.

women at work taking a selfie

Drives Productivity and Relieves Stress 

Engaging in exercise not only enhances physical health and coordination but also has a positive impact on the cognitive abilities of employees, as shown by a study conducted at Harvard.

Regular exercise drives productivity, fuels creativity, and sharpens memory, contributing to overall improved brain function. When employees prioritize physical activity, their ability to concentrate and learn increases, enabling them to grasp new concepts more quickly.

Extended periods of sitting in front of computer systems for 8 to 9 hours can lead to extreme fatigue among employees, affecting their ability to manage even their daily tasks efficiently.

However, fitness and wellness programs play a vital role in raising awareness among employees about managing this exhaustion.

coworkers at work

Helps You Think More Clearly

Engaging in exercise activates and energizes your neurons, empowering your brain to think actively and creatively. When employees are confined to repetitive tasks day after day, their creativity can stagnate. The monotonous work routine hampers creative thinking and inhibits the generation of innovative ideas. However, exercise breathes new life into your brain.

Taking a fitness break allows your brain to recharge and regain clarity, enabling you to generate fresh ideas. Exercise stimulates blood flow and oxygen delivery to the brain, enhancing cognitive function and promoting creative thinking.

man working out with weights

Enhances Job Satisfaction 

When employees are provided with their preferred working environment, their productivity reaches exceptional levels. They begin forging cross-functional social connections, extending beyond working hours. The inclusion of fitness breaks rejuvenates and invigorates them, leading to enhanced job satisfaction. Satisfied employees with a favorable working environment are more inclined to excel.



employees celebrating at work

Final Thoughts 

Implementing a workplace gym and promoting employee health and fitness directly impacts a company’s bottom line. It reduces healthcare expenses, lowers absenteeism rates, enhances productivity, fosters social connections, boosts creativity, and increases job satisfaction. These benefits contribute to improved financial outcomes and overall success for the organization.

The benefits of fitness extend beyond a physical office gym. If you want all the benefits of having an on-site gym without the commitment, try an teroGO fitness challenge.  Bring employees together to get active, compete with each other on leaderboards, and build deeper connections.


Written by Josh Levinne

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