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Engage your employees in a way never seen before!

For MOBILITY WEEK are you looking for ways to raise awareness and educate your employees on sustainable mobility? Implement eco-friendly transportation habits within your company.  

Join us in our movement to cultivate a healthier world.

atlasgo team with sustainable mobility
graph of transport sector in global energy consumption

A study shows that transportation accounts for about 64% of the world’s oil consumption, 27% of all energy use, and 23% of energy-related carbon dioxide emissions.

Luckily, companies can dramatically reduce this by encouraging their employees to practice sustainable mobility. That’s where atlasGO comes in!

atlasGO is a holistic, community-based wellness platform

To promote MOBILITY WEEK, we offer companies the possibility to organize a CONNECTED and INNOVATIVE way to motivate their employees to move better with:

1. Activities around mobility and sustainability. (Bike2Work, Walk2Work, Carpool/Rideshare, Public Transportation, and much more…)

2. Gamified activities and customized challenges 

3. Expert content to improve the holistic well-being of your employees and your organization.

Each time an employee records one of these activities on the atlasGO application, it contributes to the company’s common goal, chosen beforehand. Engage your employees while you promote a healthier environment!

man and woman with bike
tapio report

And that’s not all… The impactful addition that makes all the difference

Measure your carbon impact with Tapio and see how much your mobility challenge has changed things in your company. 

• A corporate goal measured in CO2 avoided if employees change their commuting habits  

• A complete Tapio report at the end of your mobility challenge. 

• A before and after analysis of your carbon footprint as a company (Only on request)

5 reasons to organize an atlasGO virtual team-building campaign 

Creating an employee engagement campaign around mobility is a way to:

1. Connect your employees through our platform 

2. Create the space for them to take care of themselves and support each other

3. Unite around a common goal.

It’s also an opportunity for you as a company to: 

4. Raise awareness around sustainable mobility 

5. Change your employees’ behavior towards active mobility. 

atlasgo app with image of people on screen

Ready to take action? 

Take advantage of our unique pricing to encourage more companies to start a Sustainable Mobility campaign:

• Less than 100 employees? $1,500 $750 (50% discount) + $4/user

• More than 100 employees? $3,000 $1,500 (50% discount) + $4/user


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