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Frequently asked questions from our nonprofit partners

What services do you offer for nonprofit organizations

We help nonprofits engage corporate partners, their community, and staff.

How can I engage my corporate partners?

Ask corporate partners to support your cause with a one-time atlasGO challenge. They will pledge a donation to your organization and their employees get to unlock the funds through fun, gamified activities!

How can I ask corporate partners to support my cause?

We wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to get sponsorships, so we made a resource you can send directly to themYou can access it here!

How can I engage my community?

Our virtual campaigns provide a seamless experience for community engagement. Custom registration/ticketing platform, mobile app for tracking and engagement, and integrated peer-to-peer fundraising capabilities are all included.

How can I engage my staff and volunteers?

Boost the engagement and well-being of your staff and volunteers with our customized team-building challenges. We help bring your team together around your cause with gamified challenges based on sustainability, exercise, mindfulness, and social impact.

How much does it cost to create a virtual engagement campaign?

Contact us for a customizable quote.

Will you help me to market my virtual campaign?

We are happy to help by providing best practices and tips on how to communicate and market the virtual campaign to your community. However, we want to set clear expectations that our responsibility is to deliver on the technical implementation, execution and maintenance of your virtual race. We cannot guarantee that members of our community will join your virtual race. It is your responsibility to market your race and to make sure that your community is joining your cause.

Can I try out the atlasGO application?

Yes, of course! Feel free to download the atlasGO app and give it a try. You can join our free community challenge to experience the most important features of the application. Please consider that these challenges do not show you the whole set of options you will have for your virtual campaign.

Ready to make an impact in your organization?

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