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The holistic well-being platform to make your people healthy and happy 

Improve the well-being of your employees with gamified activities,  customized challenges, and wellness content created by experts.

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Trusted by over 550 organizations big and small

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woman doing yoga
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group of women taking a selfie in a hike
woman doing yoga on the beach
woman taking a selfie in the park
man doing yoga at home
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woman taking a selfie in the forest
two man taking a selfie in the mountains covered in snow
three man taking a selfie in a hike

Engage your employees around a common goal

Create the space for your employees to unite around a cause they are passionate about. Support the environment with a sustainability challenge,  encourage wellness with a mindfulness challenge, or build a personalized challenge that includes elements of both. The options are limitless. 

atlasgo dashboard
atlasGO employees having fun with scooters and bikes

Increase employee retention

Get the results you desire by showing your employees you care about their well-being. A healthy, engaged workforce boosts productivity, encourages retention, and attracts new talent. 

Improve company culture and morale

Bring your team closer together. Throughout your challenge, employees can share the impactful activities they’ve completed, virtually high-five each other, and post fun photos for the whole team to see!

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Together we GO far

Healthier employees
Wellbeing activities
Happy clients
Raised for charity
Trees planted

We aim to improve the holistic well-being of your employees and your organization.

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atlasGO allows you to engage your employees with our gamified wellness platform.

Give back to your community, promote healthy habits, and make a positive impact through sustainability.

Our subscription-based service allows you to create year-round, impactful challenges based on the topics that are important to your company values.

We integrate with your favorite fitness trackers...

All our challenges are tracked on the atlasGO app, which allows participants to log their activities through live tracking from our app, manual entry, or with 3rd-party integrations like Strava, Fitbit, Garmin, and Apple Health

… and your favorite communication tools

Engage with your employees on a platform they all use, whether it’s SlackWebex, or Microsoft Teams. Don’t overload your employees with emails, connect with them in your internal communication systems with automated leaderboards, photos, stat updates, unique video content, and much more.

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