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9 Ways to Engage Employees for World Cleanup Day

junio 10, 2023 |

World Cleanup Day is an important day where we are all reminded about the importance of maintaining our environment. Ideally, the main purpose of this day is to create awareness in the communities about the prevalent worldwide waste, and hopefully eliminate the menace. As an organization, this day provides a good opportunity to turn your employees into eco-friendly warriors for your sustainability goals and the betterment of the planet.

Here are 9 ways that you can get your employees involved to make World Cleanup Day a success.

1. Create awareness among employees

Your employees are likely to be excited about keeping the environment clean if they know the why and how to go about it. Not all your employees will know about World Cleanup Day. Consider educating them on ways to reduce waste and how to dispose of waste the right way. Show them the impact of waste on the environment and the importance of having a clean planet. 

2.Take part in cleanup events

Many organizations, both non-profits and profit-oriented, organize cleanup events around the world. Look for one near you and participate as an organization. Participating in eco activities in the community can be good for enhancing reputation.

Finding an organized event is easy. Just visit eco-focused organizations near you such as parks, nature conservancies, or local government.

Volunteer People Picking Up Trash and Plastics More info Share

3. Organize awareness events

The aim for World Cleanup Day is to get as many people as possible to know about the need for change in creating a clean planet. Besides educating your employees, take initiative as a team to get your community involved. You can organize awareness campaigns, workshops, and conferences to empower your community with the right information that can drive change in lifestyles. 

4. Rally up people for waste collection in the community

World Cleanup Day brings different people together for a common good, which provides an opportunity to build meaningful relationships among the participants. If your organization isn’t geared up to participate in local events, connect with people in your network to bring them together for joint participation in waste collection

group of coworkers cleaning up a forest

5. Create eco-friendly programs at work

The enthusiasm around World Cleanup Day provides the perfect opportunity to encourage your employees to be more eco-friendly. Use this period to develop sustainability goals and create programs geared towards achieving them.

For instance, you can start recycling or composting projects to repurpose waste. Additionally, you can remodel the workspace to make it more eco-friendly. Something like a kitchen remodeling using sustainable materials can help reduce your office’s carbon footprint significantly. Organize a cleanup to tie the project to World Cleanup Day.

Woman in casual clothes sorting plastic garbage

6. Do a waste audit for your organization

A waste audit can be a great way to sensitize your employees to reduce waste by reusing and recycling. What you have to do is bring all the waste from the entire office, sort it properly into different categories, then weigh, and calculate how much trash could have found its way into the landfills. The recycling and reusing categories will help them visualize just how important recycling and reusing are in saving landfills from non-biodegradable waste.

7. Organize challenges and contests

A little competition goes a long way in getting people excited about different objectives. The period heading to the big day is perfect for driving engagement on your sustainable goals. Concentrate on the focus of the day, which is waste reduction. For instance, you can organize a challenge for which department will have the least amount of waste in a set period. You can use rewards to get people interested. Try a gamified challenge platform like teroGO.

8. Participate in team-building activities

Most causes geared towards the environment survive on donations from well-wishers. This year, you can choose to help local causes fundraise for the day as an organization. Select the charity of your choice, set up a sustainability campaign, and encourage your employees to take part. Every activity they log with teroGO will unlock the funds of your donation. 

group of employees picking up trash

9. Share information about the day on social media

The truth is that not so many people know about World Cleanup Day. Creating a buzz around the day on social media can be a great way to help organizers reach more people. Create shareable materials and encourage your employees to share them on their socials. You can also come up with a catchy hashtag to get more people involved.

Happy couple of travelers taking selfie in forest


World Cleanup Day is an important day for the planet. Choosing to participate in this worldwide event can be a good way to cement your organization’s commitment to sustainability. Plan to participate as an organization this year by getting all your employees involved! 

If you’re looking for a virtual challenge platform to host the event, learn more about teroGO.


Written by Josh Levinne

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