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15 Fun and Easy Remote Employee Engagement Activities

agosto 24, 2023 |

If you’re leading a team or support executives in an HR role, chances are you’re navigating the exciting world of remote work. It’s no secret that the landscape of employment has been dramatically transformed over the past decade, and especially so in recent years due to the global pandemic. Remote work has evolved from being a mere trend to the new norm, and we’re here to help you make the most of it. In this blog post, we’re diving deep into the realm of remote employee engagement activities – those little gems that keep your team members happy, healthy, and engaged, all while positively impacting your organization’s overall performance. Let’s revitalize your virtual workspace with these amazing ideas!


The Remote Revolution: A Quick Glance at the Numbers

Let’s start with some eye-opening statistics. Did you know that remote work has surged by a staggering 159% over the past 12 years? What was once considered a luxury or niche option has now become a global phenomenon, largely accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. A whopping 74% of companies plan to make remote work permanent for some employees, even now after the pandemic mostly has subsided. Remote work is no longer just a concept; it’s the way we work. This transition has shown us that flexibility, adaptability, and creativity can thrive in virtual spaces – and that’s where remote employee engagement activities step in to shine.


Embracing the Pros and Navigating the Cons

Remote work isn’t just a shift in location; it’s a complete paradigm shift. And like any major change, it comes with its fair share of pros and cons. On the bright side, remote work allows employees to craft a better work-life balance, eliminating those dreaded commutes and allowing for flexible schedules. This newfound autonomy often leads to increased productivity and job satisfaction. However, there’s a catch – remote work can also make team cohesion and employee engagement a bit of a challenge. Without watercooler chats and casual office interactions, building relationships and maintaining a sense of belonging becomes more complicated. That’s where our 15 remote employee engagement activities come to the rescue.


15 Remote Employee Engagement Activities to Boost Team Spirit

1. Virtual Coffee Breaks: Schedule informal virtual coffee breaks where team members can chit-chat about non-work topics. This recreates the casual office conversations that often lead to strong bonds. *

2. Themed Dress-up Days: Spice up the workweek with fun themed dress-up days. Whether it’s “Pajama Monday” or “Favorite Movie Character Friday,” it’s a great way to inject some excitement into the routine. *

3. Weekly Show-and-Tell: Give employees the chance to share something interesting from their lives during a virtual show-and-tell session. This helps foster a sense of personal connection. *

4. Online Game Sessions: Organize online game sessions during lunch breaks or after work. It’s a fantastic way to encourage friendly competition and teamwork. *

5. Book Club: Launch a virtual book club where team members read and discuss a selected book. This not only promotes engagement but also enhances personal development. *

6. Fitness Challenges: Get the team moving with fitness challenges. Whether it’s step counts, yoga sessions, or dance-offs, staying active together boosts overall morale. *

7. Cooking Classes: Host virtual cooking classes where employees learn to cook a particular dish. It’s a fun way to bond over shared culinary experiences. *

8. DIY Desk Makeover: Encourage team members to personalize their home workspaces. They can share before-and-after pictures to showcase their creativity.

9. Virtual Trivia Nights: Put together virtual trivia nights with interesting questions from various categories. This sparks friendly competition and a sense of camaraderie.

10. Themed Workshops: Arrange online workshops on diverse topics like mindfulness, time management, or even photography. Learning together builds a stronger bond. *

11. Mystery Pen Pals: Pair up team members as mystery pen pals who exchange handwritten letters or small gifts. It’s a delightful way to create unexpected connections. *

12. Online Volunteer Activities: Organize remote volunteer opportunities, like virtual tutoring or online community service projects. Giving back together strengthens team spirit. *

13. Personal Achievement Celebrations: Set aside time to celebrate personal achievements, whether it’s completing a marathon, learning a new language, or finishing a craft project. *

14. Pet Parade: Dedicate a virtual meeting to employees’ furry, feathered, or scaly friends. Pet lovers will adore showing off their companions. *

15. teroGO Employee Engagement Platform: Wondering what the * next to each idea above stands for? It points out that this idea (or all of the ideas listed above) can somehow be integrated into our platform! Our holistic wellbeing and employee engagement platform offers engaging challenges, features and programs that support personal wellbeing while fostering a sense of community and team bonding. Book a demo o reach out to us to hear how all of the ideas mentioned above can be integrated into your teroGO team building challenge!


Bridging the Gap, One Activity at a Time

In the ever-evolving landscape of remote work, the importance of employee engagement cannot be overstated. The 15 remote employee engagement activities mentioned above are designed to infuse energy, connection, and camaraderie into your virtual team. By embracing these activities, you’re not just boosting morale and teamwork – you’re also enhancing your organization’s overall performance. Remember, a happy, healthy, and engaged remote workforce isn’t just a “nice-to-have” – it’s a strategic advantage in today’s dynamic work environment. So, roll up your sleeves, embrace these activities, and watch as your remote team thrives like never before. Your journey to remote success starts here and can be boosted with teroGO – let the engagement begin!


Written by Olivier Kaeser

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