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WellnessGO: The platform that guides employees on their well-being journey

August 18, 2022 |

Die erste Ausgabe von Unlock for Lives der Untersuchungen has spoken – the happier your employees are, the more successful your business will be. 

The success of your employees begins with their well-being. Studies have shown that a person’s well-being is associated with “superior work performance,” better health, and happiness. 

With that being said, investing in your employees is the best investment you can make into your business. atlasGO offers a solution for just that, allowing businesses to promote employee health, engagement, and culture, while also empowering employees to take charge of their wellness.

Do corporations really need this?

When surveyed, 79% of employees said their companies did not offer programs to combat stress and promote their well-being. This led to feelings of job dissatisfaction, the inability to think straight, a weakened immune system, and anger issues during work.

Show your employees you care with WellnessGO, the platform curated to support your employees throughout their wellness journey.

Man frustrated Wearing Black Eyeglasses

What is WellnessGO?

WellnessGO is a holistic video platform filled with transformative content that offers unique wellness solutions for each and every employee. Learn from our world-class coaches as they teach the best techniques to reduce stress by incorporating yoga, meditation, sound healing, stretching videos, and more. 

Our wide variety of videos are created by experts, with your employees in mind. Take a 5 minute meditation break, relax with breathing exercises, or even try a full workout class.

To top it off, the content is constantly evolving! Currently, there are over 40 different videos on the platform created by 10 different coaches.

Woman Exercising at Home

Here are some of the categories we offer: 

• Yoga 

• Short Break

• Meditation

• Workout

• Environmental Facts

Easily accessible by phone or desktop, WellnessGO makes it easy to relax and take a quick break from the job with video options that are under 5 minutes long. 

A Man Working Out at home

Increase profitability, productivity, and employee health

Unwinding with WellnessGO makes it easier for your employees to remain engaged during their jobs, focusing less on stress.

According to Untersuchungen, businesses with engaged employees are approximately 21% more profitable than their counterparts. Not only that – engaged employees are also more productive and have reported reduced stress and better health. 

We help you offer an all-in-one employee wellness experience that brings real benefits to the bottom line.

Employees Standing Near Glass Windows while smiling

How can I offer WellnessGO to my employees?

When you connect WellnessGO to your atlasGO challenge, employees get to watch impactful videos that can be converted into completed activities (like planted trees)!

With our ongoing well-being solution, your team can utilize the wellness platform as a way to achieve individual goals throughout their journeys (such as meditating for 5 minutes once a day).

Employees love WellnessGO, and you will too!

Ready to get started? 


Written by Kelly Baker, Content Marketing at atlasGO

video on computer of atlasgo teacher doing yoga

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