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WellnessGO: A unique solution to support your employees in their well-being journey

März 23, 2022 |

You know it, employee wellness is a business imperative. It increases job performance, employee engagement and decreases turnover. But in reality, many companies still struggle to implement an employee wellness culture that works over the long term. 

In this blog, we’ll explain how to support your employees in their wellbeing journey and why we came up with the idea to create our new holistic platform wellnessGO. 

Team-buildings focused on the well-being 

At teroGO, we help companies take care of their employees. Our corporate solutions enable businesses to organize Teambuilding-Kampagnen with a wellness dimension. Employees have the opportunity to take care of themselves, support each other and unite around a common goal. 

Through our teroGO app, they can record their daily activities, exchange virtual high fives and sweaty selfies to encourage each other. There is also a chat function and leaderboards to monitor and evaluate each participant’s progress. 

Woman teaching a yoga class

Going one step further

But we didn’t want to stop there. We wanted to go beyond creating wellness challenges and go deeper into the impact we could have with our solution. Indeed, it’s one thing to offer activities that participants can record, but we were ready to take it to the next level by providing the tools to do so.

Our customers wanted us to innovate. So we built a content platform to accompany their employees on their wellness journey with coaches and experts to motivate them along the way. And that platform is wellnessGO, a more comprehensive and holistic way to help employees maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

man holding tablet with wellnessgo platform on screen

What is this platform about?

 🏋🏽Our platform includes a wide variety of short and long videos around sports and health. Yoga classes, fitness sessions, breathing exercises, affirmations, nutrition workshops and guided meditations, there is something for everyone.

 🧘🏼‍♀️ It allows you to learn from a diversity of coaches and be guided on the path to wellness! 

🖥 The videos are available in several languages and our platform is mobile, tablet, and desktop friendly!

screenshot from atlasGO wellnessgo platform

Will it evolve over time?

New and exclusive content will be updated every month. This means new videos, but also new coaches on the platform, as well as new types of content on topics such as nutrition, burnout, and more.

But that’s not all. WellnessGO will soon be integrated into the dashboards of our team-building campaigns. This will make it easier for employees to access the content, without having to browse through different pages. And in the near future, videos followed on the platform will be directly counted as activities performed by employees on their teroGO application. 

woman practicing sound healing

How do I access it? 

For the time being, our WellnessGO platform is only available for companies that organize a virtual team-building with teroGO. This platform allows companies to better encourage their employees to take care of themselves and find new & effective ways to move and feel great. 

But that’s not all. Later on, we hope to give everyone access to this platform. Our goal is of course to promote wellness among each individual. 

In the meantime, talk to your company. What’s better than being able to access tons of wellness and fitness videos without paying thanks to your company? 

woman doing yoga

WellnessGO is a holistic platform that takes your team-building campaign one step further. Our goal is to help more employees around the world feel good and take time for themselves. That’s our goal at teroGO. 

Ready to use it?  Click here to discover more about the platform.

The teroGO team 💚

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