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The teroGO summit: three days to build the vision and have fun doing it!

April 18, 2019 |

I am still smiling after 10 amazing days with the teroGO team in San Francisco (USA). I first met them virtually. I saw them through a screen for 6 months and, then, last week, I finally had the opportunity to meet them in person.


I joined the teroGO team 6 months ago. Diversity is the word that defines our team – 9 people, 7 countries. Love does not have barriers, and we love whoever we want. Each of us is very different and respect who they are offering the opportunity to grow with his/her unique skills. As Olly would say, we are a group of “funky monkeys” with the same values and vision of where we want to be in the future.


I have laughed a lot, I have learned from each of you (the team, the advisors, and the investors), I have seen the vision of teroGO and where teroGO will be in the future with the strength of each of us.


?‍♀️Building a community of sweaty changemakers that do sport for two reasons: for yourself and for helping those that need it the most.


?A unique tool for companies to engage their employees and stakeholders make an impact around your brand.


?A campaign to raise more money for your charity to bring awareness about what you do and to bring together your members through the power of sport.


?Companies, brands, and charities will create a unique story through our app and our selfies in the app.


?If you do something good, let the world know about it so your community can help! As a result, teroGO will help you to write and communicate your story.


⚡In other words, teroGO is the best way to engage your stakeholders around a cause!


If you work in a company, brand, or non – profit, send me an email, and lets me plan a campaign for your stakeholders.

Alejandra Carretero Garcia

Business Development, teroGO

Connect on Linkedin| | Madrid

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