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Let’s join forces for a win-win partnership

As a startup, we’re always looking to expand our corporate client base. That’s why we want to talk to your corporate network! 80% of nonprofits have trouble building strong corporate relationships and workplace giving strategies. Let’s grow together and change that.

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atlasgo team doing wellbeing activities

What’s in it for you?

• Discounted partnership price

• The opportunity to create  a unique event centered around a special timeframe related to your mission (e.g. Mental Health Awareness Month, Pride Day, etc.)

• Use our wellness expertise to strengthen your corporate relationships

• A replicable and scalable solution that grows with your nonprofit organization

Become part of the fast growing atlasGO network of premium partners focused on social impact.

What’s in it for us?

A warm introduction to your corporate partners. You make the intro and we take it from there. 

Photo Of People Doing Handshakes

Did you know that CSR research consistently shows that companies that offer corporate philanthropy opportunities see higher employee engagement and retention rates?

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