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Happy and Healthy employees for better results

Foster an engaged and healthy work environment. From corporate challenges to year-round programs, our employee engagement and wellbeing platform fits your needs!

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Warum atlasGO?

Improve retention, productivity, workplace morale and company culture in just a few clicks!

Easy-to use for your employees

Impactful & Community driven

Simple to implement and manage

Affordable for companies of all sizes

Our fun & user-friendly features


Build meaningful connections with your colleagues and share your journey on our vibrant feed.


Ignite your competitive spirit and achieve your goals with exciting challenges.


Track your progress, rise to the top, and enjoy friendly competition for glory on our leaderboard.

Unlimited activities

Enjoy endless opportunities to stay active, fit, and engaged.


Celebrate your milestones, big and small, with our rewarding achievement system.


Join like-minded individuals and build a strong community with our club’s feature.

Get your employees engaged in a few clicks

Get Ready

Click on the button to create your account and your free corporate space.


Access your private space and enjoy the free basic engagement features of the App!


Share the benefits with your team and encourage them to join the experience.

Easy-to-use admin dashboard

  • Simple reporting

  • Easy user management

  • Quick challenge set up

  • Premium customer support

Dashboard and Customer success management team for atlasGO wellbeing platform for virtual challenges

How they talk about us

Thanks to atlasGO, Sodexo employees were able to come together around the same objective for a month, improving their well-being and strengthening team spirit. We are delighted with the success.

Melissa Pantano

Communications Coordinator

The Challenge brought people together in a way that hadn’t been possible for a long time because of the virus. We wouldn’t have believed this achievable with a virtual edition of the event

Julia Davenport

Group Reward Director

I have rarely seen such enthusiasm and so many employees come together for the same cause, especially when it comes to moving and spending time on healthy habits.

Thibaut Debelle

Innovations Manager

Commitment, energy, cohesion, and enthusiasm punctuated the Sisley Tree Challenge. Thanks to the participation of all our subsidiaries around the world, 78,278 trees will be replanted in Australia.

Sarah Charieyras

Internal Communication Director within General Management

What made us happiest about working with atlasGO is the positive feedback we received from our participants. We were not sure about the outcome of this initiative in the beginning.


CSR team

An easy-to-use wellness platform

In just a few clicks, boost employee wellbeing and engagement!

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