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Celebrate Giving Tuesday with atlasGO x WeForest

We’re giving back to Sie this Giving Tuesday. Get 10% off your atlasGO challenge when you engage your employees in support of WeForest!

woman smiling next to a tree. weforest

About WeForest

WeForest is a nonprofit with a vision of a world where communities and nature sustainably thrive together to stop global warming in our lifetime.

Their forest restoration projects engage local communities to implement and deliver lasting solutions that benefit climate, nature, and people.

Choose your donation amount, unlock planted trees in Tanzania

When you support WeForest with your atlasGO challenge, you get to choose your donation amount. With an affordable price per tree of less than $0.60, your donation can make a substantial difference for the environment. Pledging $10,000? That translates into more than 16,000 planted trees!

Your employees get to “unlock” your donation (planted trees) by engaging in the impactful activities you choose. 

Pick from 350+ different activities that promote wellbeing, sustainability, and social impact…like these: walking, meditation, gardening, volunteering, and so much more!

Man and Woman Jogging at a Walkway
group of farmers working the land. weforest

The cause you’ll be supporting

In Mara, forest resources have been used up to such an extent that local smallholder farmers are struggling with infertile soil, low water tables and erratic rainfall.
The project grows seedlings in nurseries and distributes them to the people that need them most. With agroforestry systems on their farms, schools and churches, families and institutions are able to grow their own fodder, fuelwood, fibre, fruit and timber, and so no longer need to depend on local forests for food or incomes.

This will be your impact

Engage your team for a good cause

Bring your employees together to plant trees through our mobile application. There, they can share photos, give each other virtual high-fives, and participate in your challenge leaderboard. 

Enhance company culture by rallying your workforce behind an impactful and flexible goal.

This Giving Tuesday, give back to the environment and your employees

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