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Connect with your Employees Through Treecemeber!

November 23, 2020 |

For companies that want to engage their employees in a meaningful way during the Holidays! Let your employees stay healthy, connected, and plant trees in December!

What is Treecember?

Treecember is a multi-corporation challenge led by One Tree Planted, supporting global reforestation initiatives. Companies will be able to select a project of their choice. One Tree Planted’s work focuses on forest restoration projects worldwide, from restoring trees lost due to the recent wildfires in Oregon to replanting mangroves to prevent coastal erosion in Indonesia. You can contribute the trees planted through your employee’s wellness activity to any project listed on One Tree Planted’s website. All you need to do is to sign up and create a team under your company’s name.

a testimonial from one tree planted about this experience working with atlasGO

Wie funktioniert es?

This December, in collaboration with our partner, One Tree Planted, we are excited to launch Treecember! A one-month challenge where companies can create teams to turn their wellness activities into trees. Engage your employees by encouraging them to participate in wellness activities that contribute toward a positive impact on our climate and environment. Let your employees connect through atlasGO’s chat function, motivate each other by sharing sweaty selfies, give each other virtual high-fives, and build healthy competition with your team and the community’s leaderboards.

a screenshot of how treecemeber works and how employees can Connect with Treecemeber

Why participate in Treecember?

1. Connect with your employees! Participants in your team can connect by posting sweaty selfies and give each other high fives. 

2. Create a positive impact on the environment by converting your employees’ wellness activities into trees.

3. Stay healthy. Be part of an impactful challenge that promotes wellbeing for you and your colleagues.

Step by Step  

1. Signup for FREE

In November, create a corporate team for FREE on our atlasGO platform! Contact so we can set your team up. It’s free and easy to GO!

2. Your Employees Convert Their Wellness Activities into Trees

Employees will be able to convert their healthy habits into trees by logging their activities on the atlasGO-App during the month of December. Choose from 10 different activities ranging from running to meditation and even cooking vegetarian meals! The team tracker will track how many trees are planted by your company.

3. You make a donation linked to the engagement of your employees. 1 tree converted = 1$

The more activities your employees log, the more trees are planted. Only pay One Tree Planted for the number of trees your employees planted when the challenge ends in January!

Celebrate this festive season by allowing your employees to impact our Employee Engagement platform positively. There is no set-up fee for this race. Pay for only the number of trees planted. This is an opportunity for your company to bring your employees together toward a common cause and end a challenging 2020 on a positive note.

a screenshot of all the activities an employee can do to stay Connected with Treecemeber

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