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Host a virtual challenge to preserve, build, and engage your donors

Our innovative engagement platform brings your community together to engage with each other as they complete activities based on sustainability, social impact, fitness, and mindfulness.

atlasgo app all features

old and young man biking
a group of people all wearing the purple UNICEF t-shirt raising their hands in celebration
group of friends taking a selfie while hiking
woman with bike in front of a lake
man taking a selfie in the park
Move4Hunger Running with Group
Nicolaidis YoungWings Stiftung Charity Challenge Group of People Smiling and Waving
woman taking a selfie in a pool
group of women taking a selfie in a hike
three men riding a bike in a park
man with bike in front of bridge
group of people with bikes
couple taking a selfie in front of lake
Self Help Africa beach hike on a sunny day
group of friends running
bike in front of a road
black labrador dog in front of a house in the yard after their virtual races
man overlooking the ocean with Alcatraz in the back
two women smiling and taking a sweaty selfie during Run for Europe
Virtual Challenge in Africa - Footprints 4 Sam World Giving Series with atlasGO
woman with dog in a park
sweaty selfie Husband and Wife in City
unicef virtual race couple selfie
dog looking over the mountains during their virtual races
a man and women holding medals during the Run for Europe
man with a backpack with a green tshirt getting ready for his virtual races

Benefits of virtual events

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Start a community challenge, engage your people from all around the world


Charge registration with an external payment processor or fundraising partner.


Determine the goal of your challenge and choose the duration and timeline.


With an unlock code, participants join your challenge from the atlasGO app.


Participants will complete the challenge on their own or within their teams.

Top features to keep your community engaged

1. Activity tracking

2. Photo sharing

3. Leaderboards

4. Clubs

5. Achievements

6. Virtual map

7. Group chat

8. In-app communication

new activity screen of atlasGO app
atlasgo app showing a girl running
Leaderboards from atlasGO app
clubs section in atlasgo app
new achievements tab in the atlasgo app
atlasgo interactive app in Brussels
clubs group chat from atlasGO app
pinned posts on atlasgo app

We integrate with your favorite fitness trackers!

Alle unsere Challenges werden in der atlasGO-App getrackt. Sie ermöglicht es den Teilnehmenden, ihre Aktivitäten durch Live-Tracking von unserer App, manuelle Eingabe oder mit Integrationen von Drittanbietern wie Strava, Fitbit, Garminund Apple Health zu protokollieren

three men riding a bike in a park

Your benefits

• Utilize your existing payment processor to fundraise

• Engage donors from anywhere

• Cost-effective virtual event solution

• Inclusive & equitable platform 

• Offers a unique & fun event

• Incorporate sponsors

• Create awareness & educate on your cause

• Attract the younger generation of donors by engaging them where they are most active: their phone & apps

Kerry McGlade

"The atlasGO Challenge helped us to create a unique campaign to engage and expand our community. It allowed me to get my board members involved at a level I did not expect!"

Kerry McGlade

VP Business Development

Ready to engage your community with atlasGO?

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