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What is an teroGO employee engagement challenge?

Februar 5, 2020 |

As you are a part of our community, you are used to seeing the app from one angle. There’s another side of the application that you might not know of – our employee engagement teroGO challenges!

Think team building for your company mixed with raising awareness for a good cause. 

Our enterprise challenges allow employees to unlock corporate-sponsored funds for nonprofits by tracking and sharing their app and web dashboard activities. 

atlasgo ambassadors giving a high five

The benefits of an employee engagement challenge

– Encourage a gesunden Lebensstil and promote the impact of being active regularly

– Unite employees behind one cause regardless of their wo auf der Welt sie sind

CSR-Budget optimieren und die Wahrnehmung ihrer Mitarbeiter:innen bezüglich philanthropischer Projekte ihres Unternehmens verbessern

– Increase participation in volunteering, mentoring, and giving programs.

atlasgo ambassadors stretching before a run

The challenge is 100% customizable

As a company, you get to choose the cause, the activities, the duration, and if you want your employees to compete in teams or as individuals.  You can be as creative as you’d like with your goal. For example, every kilometer could plant a tree! 

Here’s an example case study from one of our clients, Swiss Re, and how they engaged over 1,500 employees globally to move for a cause with teroGO. 

atlasGO ambassadors doing yoga in a park


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