2020: our most impactful year!

Hello, 2020!

This is a picture of the GO team looking towards 2020 and seeing that it will be a BIG year for atlasGO! Are you ready?

Below I share what we achieved in 2019 thanks to our passionate team, sweaty users, and impactful partners, as well as what to look forward to in 2020!

?We raised $1M for our nonprofit partners

Our corporate partners pledged $1M on atlasGO to create community engagement around important causes or involve their employees in their philanthropic strategy. Read how here!

?You ran, walked, biked, swam,…1.6 Million Kms

Thousands of sweaty changemakers converted their everyday activities on atlasGO! We introduced new sports like yoga, meditation, tennis, steps,…It’s so inspiring to see people around the world sharing their everyday impact on atlasGO!

?The GO team grew to 12 passionate changemakers

The GO team grew, shrunk, and then grew again! 2019 (like every other year) was a year of learning. We are happy to GO into 2020 with a strong team of passionate changemakers! Speaking of passion…we hired Cedric to open an office in Brussels! Guess which one Cedric is in the group photo! (Hint: he is excited about 2020)

? 30k sweaty changemakers ran with atlasGO

Every day hundreds of sweaty changemakers join atlasGO. Some join in supporting a cause, some join to surpass themselves, and some join to be part of a community! Read here an inspiring story of Lindsey, who joined atlasGO a couple of months ago. She had never run more than 1 mile. In March 2020, she will run the Los Angeles Marathon!

? We launched a new product: Virtual Races

We launched this summer a product for event organizers and non-profits. Virtual Races allow you to organize a race that has an unlimited reach at limited costs! Read a case study here, or reach out to me to start your own! ?thomas@atlasgo.org

⚡️ We worked with 31 partners this year

Here are some of the partners that trust us with their employees or ran a virtual race with us! Learn more about our products or reach out to me: thomas@atlasgo.org with any questions!

2020 will be our most impactful year!

If you read until here, it means that you care. Thank you! I am excited to share this journey with you and share all of the projects we were working on for you in 2020!

Ready? Set, GOOoooOOO

Thomas & the atlasGO team!

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