2020: Make it your year of intention

Do you set resolutions for the New Year? Do you end up getting to February and having forgotten what that list was? 

I definitely have! How about we make 2020 the year of intention together?

Having a day of intentions might look different for everyone. What’s been helpful for me is taking time for myself every morning, sometimes 5 minutes, if that’s all I have. During that time, I check in with my breath and notice if it’s shallow or fast without trying to change it. I just meet where I’m at and realize that I’ve been on autopilot most of the time.  

Next, I think about what I want to bring into my day. Maybe it’s joy, focus, being present, rest, being of service, etc… it’s all a little different every day. 

When building atlasGO, some days can be really crazy, so taking that time every morning helps me to reset from whatever yesterday carried and start anew. Sometimes that leads me to my yoga mat or finding my running shoes and hitting the GO button. 

So, rather than making an impossible list of goals for the year, what’s one small thing you can do every day? 

Maybe your intention is walking to work instead of riding your bike, cutting your shower down to use just a little bit less water, smiling at one stranger a day, or choosing not to use single-use plastic. Whatever you choose, commit to it, check-in with yourself and maybe change it up after a while. Our small daily actions can make a big difference in this world. Imagine if all of us woke up and checked in with ourselves first thing in the morning. What kind of world would that be?

Would you like to see intentions as an activity on the app? What else do you want to see? 

Email me to let me know! magali@atlasgo.org / #2020intention 

Wishing you an intentional 2020,

Magali Mathieu 

Chief Partnership Builder & Co-founder, atlasGO

Connect on Linkedinwww.atlasgo.org | San Francisco

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