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Corporate Wellness for Employees – Why is it so Important?

February 11, 2021 |

Corporate wellness programs put the minds and bodies of employees and those in management first. In a working environment, we often tend to only focus on the output and productivity of staff members rather than paying attention to their mental well-being. Why is psychological and physical health important? Let’s take a look at the benefits a corporate wellness initiative can bring.

Benefits of Corporate Wellness Initiatives

Studies have shown favorable results in conducting corporate wellness programs. In past years, many employees who work desk jobs have led a sedentary lifestyle, increasing the likelihood of diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure. This fact brings us to the first benefit a corporate wellness initiative can provide to your employees. 

woman calmly doing yoga with her eyes closed, practicing corporate wellness initiative

1.   Lower the Risk of Mental and Physical Illnesses

A healthy mind and body will work in tandem and reduce elevated health risks. We can significantly decrease most health problems by adopting a healthy, balanced diet and moving our bodies more.  To truly achieve a lifestyle change, new habits must be implemented gradually to ensure long-term success and reduce the chances of relapsing into old, unhealthy ways.  

You will be able to see results as soon as six weeks in! Small steps to help your employees embark on a healthier journey can include a corporate meal plan that provides balanced meals. Even if it’s just one meal a day at lunchtime, a healthy blend of all the necessary food groups can give your team members the energy boost they need.

If supplying one meal demands too much from your budget, you can consider putting in a juice bar that provides healthy smoothies. There are many creative ways to commence a nutritious diet in the workplace for your employees! 

Along with mental well-being, focusing on physical health is crucial in achieving a healthy lifestyle.  Implementing morning exercises or inviting different professionals such as trainers or yoga instructors are excellent ideas for increasing physical health.  Introducing these wellness professionals into the work environment will also strengthen the bonds between employees as you all try something new together.

Giving teroGO’s virtual races and employee engagement challenges a try is also another convenient way to interact with your employees while promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.

two people hiking on trail with sunlight in front of them, practicing corporate wellness initiative for employees

2.   Elevating Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is highly valued at teroGO as we believe employees perform better when their well-being is taken care of in the workplace.  Employee morale and motivation will increase, and thus, their quality of work and life will significantly improve. 

Participating in new and fun activities will liven up the workplace and give team members a refreshing dose of excitement. Replace daily monotonous tasks with intriguing activities that keep your employees healthy, engaged, and most importantly, happy. 

employees high-fiving at their desks, corporate wellness initiative in the workplace

3.   Prevents Employee Burnout

We’ve all experienced burnout at some point in our lives, whether it’s from work or everyday demands. Burnout has a variety of negative results, including absenteeism, depression, and insurmountable stress. When things get too hard to handle, employees will be forced to take personal days, or their work quality will suffer.

Remember that your team members are dealing with work stress and the stresses of daily life as well. A healthy amount of pressure is necessary to act as a driving force, but too much can be both exhausting and detrimental. 

Not surprisingly, the right diet and nutrition can help combat this, which ties into the first point we mentioned. Alongside healthy meals, wellness programs that target workplace stress can help greatly. 

You will see an increased bottom line reflected in the lowered stress levels and happy work environment. A stress-free workplace means faster and better results. Even your customers will feel your team members’ improved work ethic through friendlier and more efficient customer service. 

Excellent examples of activities to avoid employee burnout include teroGO’s corporate employee engagement challenges that allow companies to set a goal for everyone to achieve together and even include non-profit sponsors if desired.

man and woman smiling while practicing wellness and yoga over the computer

4.   Lowers Turnover

What do you get when you value your employees’ health and physical well-being? That’s right; a higher employee retention rate. A corporate wellness program can influence employee loyalty. No one wants to work for a company that does not value its staff, and the opposite effect is true for companies that put their employees first.

Simple adjustments to company traditions such as offering prizes and rewards for their efforts or a bonus package once the team completes a project are effective methods to promote employee loyalty and boost morale.

group of people doing yoga, practicing employee wellness

5.   Reduces Medical Costs

Lastly, healthier employees of sound body and mind will reduce the fees you need to cover medical insurance. Even if you have to spend some money on implementing certain aspects of the wellness program, you will find that the costs saved through medical compensation and such will greatly surpass the money spent on these wellness programs. 

women working out smiling and high-fiving


Unquestionably, corporate wellness programs and healthy living reap a multitude of benefits.  These benefits that the program yields will significantly outweigh the effort and time spent in planning new activities. We gave plenty of examples that can help in all areas no matter what type of event or activity you want to begin with, especially corporate engagement challenges that can involve everyone anytime, anywhere. 

Written by Jess Lin.


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