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Completing the legendary Transcontinental Race

January 23, 2020 |

In August, I tackled my biggest goal of the season by completing the 7th edition of the legendary Transcontinental Race. Let’s be honest and get to the point, it has been a hell of a challenging race, and for the first time in one of these events, I really asked myself what I was doing there and if it would be better to just scratch and go back home!

The weather, the routes, countries we crossed, the length of the journey, and the way I decided to push myself, all of this (and more) result to be the hardest race I’ve done so far. So hard that sometimes I had to set myself into this weird “survival / keep going” mode, spacing out mentally and not always paying attention to my surroundings. Unfortunately, during the very end of the race, going through a historic storm that sets over Brittany, I had to switch into this mode until the finish line facing the 110km/h wind, the hail, and a raging storm.

black and white picture of rain

The downside is that I didn’t really experience the super high moment of happiness you would expect to finish such a challenge, the one that made you realize what you just accomplished. Instead of that joyful moment, I arrived totally zonked out and exhausted at 4 am after a grueling 24 hours final push.

There is no doubt I’m still learning about ultra-distance cycling, and it might have taken me 1 month to realize it, but I started to be really happy with my result completing this legendary Trans-Continental Race! As an teroGO ambassador, I have done tons of bike races, and all of those have helped prepare me for the Transcontinental Race. While doing all these races, I logged my activity through the teroGO app to help make a difference! The Transcontinental Race wasn’t any life-changing experience, but it was definitively a hell of an intense race! And like always, it was a blast to be surrounded by tons of other inspiring riders! 

Xavier Massart

teroGO Ambassador


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