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Episode 3: Time flies, right?

March 10, 2020 |

Time flies! It’s crazy how fast 6 months can go. I’m sure you know the feeling. In those moments, do you ever ask yourself the question: “what did I do during that time?” 

I had exactly that feeling when the time came for us to check where we stood at the end of 2019.

First of all, I was happy about what we accomplished as a company. But it is also important to note that I did not sign all the deals I was hoping to close. My pipeline was not overflowing with leads, and it took a little longer than expected to find a good and affordable office space (Thomas at Silversquare saved us). We also struggled to reach the ambitious targets we set for ourselves.

That’s how it goes. Often you get no’s in the business. When you do, it’s hard because when you care about what you do, the no hurts a little deeper, like Thomas, teroGO’s co-founder, once told me. But then again, the wins are so much more exciting!

two young men in suits at an event

For instance, we did not sign all the clients and prospects we were hoping for, but the ones we did sign have had an awesome experience in their Employee Engagement challenge. Often they want to do more challenges, with not only their Belgian office but their global offices. 

Other partners wanted more. They went for our yearly offer to do more than “just” raise money for charity. They will go plant trees, volunteer, and more with our app during the entire year!

Our Virtual Race offer is also moving forward. We are moving toward being the leading provider of Virtual Races in Belgium and probably around the world. Sure, our competitors are out there, but we believe we are quite unique with our app and are investing a lot to make it even better for 2020! We will be launching a dozen impactful Virtual Races on our platform with some Big Belgian Partners.

group of friends high five each other

We can’t reveal too much at the moment but are excited to be making big steps in this direction. So keep an eye out for some big news!

We also have some super exciting projects for our community! Soon you will be part of an ongoing challenge that will actively help fight climate change with real, tangible impact! More on that in a couple of months! 

With all these ideas and projects, it is easy to get sidetracked. That is why it is important to breathe and bring back the focus.

group of runners on a street

I got inspired by this video from “The Yes Theory” and their rewind of the year. One of their advice is that “You are 40% more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down, and those odds even go up to talk about them around you”. Knowing that, I have decided to write down some of my objectives. Not especially for this year but stuff that I want to achieve both personally and professionally.

From a personal point of view, I would like to achieve three things. They are not that crazy, but they just take some discomfort and investment in time. 

1. I want to learn how to make some good quality bread without using machines. If he ever reads this, I owe this idea to our friend Peter back in SF. Thanks for the inspiration. I’m currently getting there. There is still quite a lot to learn, but I’m already happy with the results

2. I want to learn how to Kitesurf. I miss the sea and the surf attitude of San Francisco, so I want to challenge myself and take the time to learn to kitesurf when the season starts in March this year.

3. I want to learn a new language. Ideally, Spanish, but I believe that there is nothing better to learn a language than to actually go live in the country. Professionally I do not see that happening in the immediate future, so that’s still something to figure out.

piece of bread in a table

From a professional point of view:

1. Well, we need to make revenue, big surprise, right? So my objective is to bring in 10 new partners in Q1 that want to use our Employee Engagement solution. Making revenue is important to take teroGO to the next growth stage. As a certified B-Corp, our revenue is also a way to make a bigger impact. Until now, I’ve always viewed impact as the money we raise for charity. However, I recently realized that our impact is also important for the companies we work with. Since we have built a great employee engagement and team-building platform, I am looking for companies that are in need of an innovative tool to improve retention or engage their employees more. So do you know a company that needs some great HR initiatives? If yes, contact me, and if your company turns out to be a great leader, I will buy you a cool new year’s present, I promise! 

2. I want to invest in our community of sweaty changemakers! I want to recruit 2 new ambassadors for the teroGO family in Q1 and actively bring our ambassadors together in great events to make sure that teroGO becomes and remains the leading fitness for a good app in Belgium!

Four Person Standing on Cliff in Front of Sun

Time flies! Seeing how fast we are moving, I am curious to see what we will accomplish in the next months. Until then, I wanted to take the time to thank everyone who helped me during those 6 last months. Both professionally and privately. You are what makes teroGO great and gives me the fuel to continue to GO!

Cedric Vandermeersch

Lead Business Development in Europe, teroGO

Connect on LinkedIn | | Belgium

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