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Bring Sustainable Mobility Into Your Workplace

Mobility Week guidebook

Mobility in the workplace is an issue that concerns us all. Every day, employees use modes of transportation that are harmful to the environment. According to a study by ACEA, in 2022 more than 70% of all trips in Europe were made by car. 

As a company, it is important to put concrete measures in place to raise awareness and encourage employees to change their behavior in favor of sustainable mobility. 

For European Mobility Week and to support sustainable mobility every day, we have created a Mobility Guidebook to help companies on their mobility journey. 

In this Guidebook you will find:

• Information about European Mobility Week and this year’s theme. 

• Tips on why companies should care about this topic

• Concrete ideas of sustainable mobility initiatives you could implement in your company 

• Tips to raise awareness and stimulate change in employee habits. 

And so much more…

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