Being a B Corp means a lot for a company like atlasGO. Founded on the principles of connecting people through using fitness to support good causes on a global scale, making the cut for getting certified through the rigorous process was that much easier for the company. But being a B Corp goes beyond the work atlasGO does within itself, it also represents a local and global community of companies, nonprofits, and organizations committed to making tangible change through business.

The power and strength of this community is shown with no greater clarity than during the annual B Corp Leadership Development Conference, and this year’s Bay Area BLD Conference was certainly no exception. The event, which was held at the David Brower Center in Berkeley on Wednesday, June 26th, brought together hundreds of leaders and changemakers from existing and aspiring B Corps from throughout the Bay Area.

Those in attendance included representatives from atlasGO, Kuli Kuli Foods, Thanksgiving Coffee Company, and many more. The conference included networking and breakout sessions, led by professionals and experts in growing the B Corp movement, diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace and beyond, as well as issues of environmental sustainability. 

Central to the theme of the conference this year was the notion of coming together as a community of like-minded, mission-driven individuals and companies alike as well as addressing how B Corps can bring about large-scale change when these collaborative efforts take place. For atlasGO, the idea of working closely with other B Corps and socially-responsible businesses has been one at the forefront of much of the company’s work by creating challenges that allow other B Corps to increase their own employee engagement around raising money for nonprofits and social good causes.

For those who participated, the conference represented a recognition of all the hard work put in by and the accomplishments of B Corps throughout the Bay Area and beyond as well as a space to think out the ways in which this community can affect even more change. Alejandra Cervantes, a Marketing Intern for atlasGO and a volunteer at the event, felt inspired to be surrounded by all of these individuals and companies and the innovative work they do. “It was a great experience being at the B Corp conference and to see how brands, no matter how big or small, are taking action to change the world. Every single company at the event had a different mission, but all of them are working to create a greater good. It was amazing to see all these people who act today for a better tomorrow,” said Cervantes. 

For atlasGO, this was an even more special BLD, as it was the award ceremony of the first atlasGO inter-B Corp Challenge. 11 B Corps donated $2,100 to New Door Ventures and competed to get their employees moving for the cause. “This B Corp challenge really showed me the power of this community. A year ago at BLD, I challenged B Corps to come together for a cause and 14 teams jumped in to move for a cause within our B Local Bay Area community. We can’t wait to make this challenge bigger next year,” said Magali Mathieu, Co-Founder & Chief Partnership Builder. Head here for more information about the challenge. 

For more information about atlasGO’s work as a B Corp, check out this interview with CEO and Co-Founder Thomas Querton. 

Lindsey Pfeiffer
Content Marketing Intern, atlasGO
Connect on LinkedIn | atlasGO | San Francisco

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