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teroGO & Garmin: A Match Made In Runner’s Heaven

April 26, 2019 |

How Garmin and teroGO helped me move away from my desk!


A little about me

Get those steps” – A phrase I often quote and something that has been engraved in my head for years now. I ran track in high school, with the 1-mile and 2-mile being my go-to races. In college, I would casually run to stay in shape. It was not until I started my desk job and passed my CPA exam (yes, I’m an accountant) that I began more seriously focusing on my running and conquering longer distances. To get extra steps, I would park further away at the grocery store or do laps in my living room just to make sure I reached my goal for the day.

Do people think I am crazy? 100%, but that is okay because I know that all those little extra steps I take are getting me ahead of anyone sitting on the couch.

A little about Garmin

How do I track all my steps/runs, you ask? With my trusty Garmin Vivoactive 3, of course! Sitting in a chair all day at work does not allow for much physical activity, so I love the watch feature that reminds me every hour to move if I have not gotten up in over an hour. Working a day job calls for early wake-up calls or headlamp runs at night. From the quiet vibrating alarm that you can set for those sunrise runs (my husband definitely appreciates this feature the most) to the flashlight you can turn on during night runs, Garmin has you covered!

A little about teroGO

Over the past year, I have become more involved with San Francisco running clubs, specifically the teroGO running community of sweaty changemakers, and I cannot express my gratitude towards the other runners I have met. This community has pushed me to step outside my comfort zone on my runs and has allowed me to meet people I would have, probably otherwise, never met. teroGO has also shown me what it means to be a part of a running group and held me more accountable as I am less inclined to bail on a run if I know others are counting on me to be there to lead the group runs! teroGO has even given me the opportunity to lead the ambassadors of the sweaty changemaker community. As Chief Ambassador Officer, I have helped increase the number of teroGO ambassadors, initiated new projects, and introduced teroGO to new opportunities. We currently have 20+ ambassadors globally, and I am hoping to grow that even more in the near future.


Putting it all together

I am ecstatic to be a part of this exciting partnership with Garmin and teroGO. They are two great companies that I am honored to represent. Garmin tracks my workouts, teroGO lets me express myself with the #SweatySelfie after my workouts, and I get a great run-in while putting those miles towards a great cause.


Want to be in the know for all future news Garmin and teroGO!? Follow along on this great collaboration from my perspective! 

Christine O’Connell, teroGO Chief Ambassador Officer, and engaged Garmin user!

If you also want a Garmin to track your everyday miles and do good at the same time …


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