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TeroGO Employee Engagement Challenge

November 12, 2020 |

We’re not out of the woods yet, and as the global Covid-19 cases continue to spike, many parts of the world are going back into lockdown. If you and your company have been through the first lockdown, you might have experienced lower employee engagement, less productivity, and a compromised bottom line. However, teroGO is here to help by providing a virtual platform where you and your team can stay engaged, get healthy, and work towards a meaningful cause. You can now do this with the teroGO Employee Engagement Challenge.

What is an Employee Engagement Challenge?

An employee engagement challenge is a collective event or activity geared towards a common goal. It can be hard enough to develop employee engagement ideas during times of Covid, which makes engagement even more challenging during these times. With teroGO, we can provide a virtual platform for your employee engagement events that adhere to the safety guidelines implemented in your country.

Why is employee engagement necessary? Stats show that employee engagement experienced a drop during the months of COVID-19. Without adequate bonding time, employees face increased absenteeism, decreased productivity, higher employee turnover rate, and overall lower efficiency in the workplace without engagement activities to foster your team members’ morale. A properly thought-out and executed employee engagement plan can combat these issues and improve the working environment. Beneficial effects of engagement challenges include employee and customer satisfaction, higher productivity, higher employee retention, and a well-run business.

It is our pleasure at teroGO to provide you with the right tools to reach your goal of higher engagement and help non-profits gain a broader reach, increase awareness, and help with their fundraising efforts.

man in yellow shirt sitting at desk with head down looking at a schedule.

Why GO with teroGO?

Check out in detail what we include in your teroGO employee engagement challenge with us. Here, we have a detailed infographic on our employee engagement challenges!

a slide image of text with a title Employee Engagement Challenge with bullet points under it detailing about teroGO challenge
slide image of teroGO three advantages for the Employee Engagement Challenge. they are registration page, peer-to-peer, and the app that keeps people connected.
a slide image of text with a title Employee Engagement Challenge with bullet points under it detailing about teroGO challenge
slide image with three icons of activities around mindfulness. they are read, meditate, and yoga stretches
slide image with three icons of activities around fitness. they are cycle, walk/hike, and weight training
slide image with three icons of activities around healthy habits. they are garden, take a break, and healthy cookout

Unique Link Sign up Process for your Employees

Our registration page is 100% customizable and a simple URL signup process for your employees. We give your brand the same voice by allowing color and content personalization, including videos and images. Other details on your custom registration page include prizes, incentives, and souvenirs. You can choose to reward the most active participants or team or the most original sweaty selfie.

Our registration page also allows companies to go in-depth about the non-profits they support with a leaderboard that displays the participants who have clocked in the most hours or traveled the greatest distance. Companies can also include an activity list and even a FAQ section to offer support to the participants. 

an example of teroGO's dashboard layout for an teroGO Employee Engagement Challenge

Flexible Challenge Formats

teroGO employee engagement challenge gives users a different level of flexibility with over 100 activities to choose from, some of which are unique such as cooking, baking, learning a new language, playing a board game, and reading. Since it’s wintertime, you can opt to include more winter sports such as snowboarding.

You may focus the race on distance-based or time-based activities or a combination of both. Companies can create mini-challenges throughout the main employee engagement challenge to diversify the event, engage participants, and bring more fun! Companies can even divide the challenge into different weeks, focusing on different aspects of employee engagement. For example, you can opt for week one to be about wellness, the second week geared towards fitness, and so on.

Once you have decided on the format, you can select the token of the challenge. It is a symbol to include everyone on the leaderboard. Many of our hosts choose hearts, cans, or trees, but you can take your pick of any emoji that best suits your company. Another component of the race that is fully customizable is the length. You may select a simple one-week event or decide to embark on a year-long campaign. That’s what’s excellent about teroGO’s platform – you’re the boss, so you set the rules! The best part about an employee engagement challenge is that it can be anywhere to keep employees connected. The flexibility is what counts when Covid has made our lives so inconvenient.

teroGO's app and how it would look like selecting an activity for the Employee Engagement Challenge

Broader Engagement and Further Reach

Not only will your team members be able to engage with others in the company, but they will also have the ability to engage with other participants if you also decide to include your employees’ family members and friends. Every sweaty changemaker can choose to hand out virtual high-fives and sweaty selfies to encourage and motivate each other. Participants can also choose to interact and offer support through the chat function on their team. You and your team members can also keep track of the leaderboard and the challenge progress and engage with your online community.

women looking at phone engaging on the atlasGO app during her Employee Engagement Challenge

The Benefits

There are two parties employee engagement challenges benefit from, and those are the participants and the non-profits. Non-profits can reach a wider audience through employee engagement challenges and spread awareness for their cause. We offer the means to stay connected with team members when physical activity isn’t possible for participant benefits. Staying at home and abiding by social distancing regulations can strip away one’s motivation to get moving. With the help of our virtual challenges, teroGO can help your employees stay healthy both in the body and mind.

Through our challenges, you can offer encouragement and build a sense of community, which will motivate individuals to work towards a common goal. This type of inspiration will translate into the workplace and affect productivity. Engaging with people from other countries can give your employees a broader view of the world. You can also connect your global offices or local branches and engage team members who don’t normally work together. The best part is that all the involved parties benefit. You and your team will increase engagement, productivity, and efficiency. Companies also can choose a non-profit they want to support and donate a portion of the proceeds to the cause after the challenge. This way, non-profits will also have an avenue to fundraise and spread awareness for worthy causes in this unstable climate, and employees can stay healthy and support a movement close to their hearts.

Inside the atlasGO's app on the feed where you see the dashboard and sweaty selfies for the atlasGO Employee Engagement Challenge


With teroGO, companies have the opportunity to keep their employees engaged in COVID times. A higher employee engagement rate equals more productivity, a higher employee retention rate, and more efficiency. You can help your employees stay motivated and healthy with distance-based activities or stimulate their passions with time-based ones.

Companies can also choose to do good by selecting a non-profit to work with and donate the funds raised to the cause at the end of the challenge. This will help spread awareness for the non-profit organization and a sense of community for all those involved.

Written by Jess Lin.

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