What makes atlasGO special is the community of sweaty change makers it is made up of. We have launched a new sport on the app! That’s right, biking is now available for you to use, so it only made sense to highlight not only one of our runners but amazing triathletes Mathias Høgh Hansen. Mathias also helps us test the app before new releases and brainstorms on design with the atlasGO team. We’re so excited to have him as a part of our journey and share his story with you! 

Tell us a little bit about your triathlete story:

My triathlon journey started in 2009 when I first heard of the crazy distance that was the “IRONMAN” distance (3,8km swim / 180km bike / 42,2km run). That year I was volunteering for my handball club. We were in charge of a water depot on the run course at the Copenhagen Ironman. Seeing all these people finish such an event really inspired me. The following years I volunteered at the event every summer, and in 2011 I got to see my uncle finish it. I decided after the event in 2012, that I would sign up for 2013, and so I did!

What keeps you going?

One of the things that make triathlon such an amazing sport to me, is the multidisciplinary nature of having three different sports that you need to master, or at least try to. There is never an excuse not to train. 

I also get to hang out with a lot of like minded and really interesting people when I train with my triathlon club. It motivates me to keep pushing and get better when I train with a group like that!

Since when are you using atlasGO?

I believe I have been using atlasGO for a little under a year. I was introduced to atlasGO by a friend of mine at school, and I was immediately hooked!

What does running for others mean to you?
In a sport that can sometimes be very selfish and focused on yourself, I find it very appealing and refreshing that it’s not all about getting your next 5km PR. Even when I have had the worst run in a month, I know that I have still contributed to something bigger than myself, and that always helps lift the spirit.

I love the variety of challenges. One that is particular close to my heart is the Range of Motion Project challenge. My girlfriend is from Guatemala, and running for cause that helps underserved guatemalan amputees really makes me want to go out there and run even more.


And now we launched biking, are we going to see more of you on the app?

Definitely! Yet another good reason for me to get up those early weekend mornings and jump on the bike. One day when swimming (hopefully) will be on there as well, I’ll have to do another IRONMAN, just to see how much I could raise during an event like that.

See you on the app!