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teroGO Ambassadors Launch!

May 31, 2018 |

We are so proud to officially launch our Ambassador Program!


Click here to see who they are.

We have started with a batch of 16 passionate, mission-driven athletes throughout the globe. Thanks to these amazing supporters, we are launching with a strong foundation that will allow us to grow throughout the world. We’re so grateful to each and every one of you for jumping on this adventure with us!

So why did we create this ambassador program? Our amazing marketing intern Jeanne Duesberg came from Belgium to work with us in San Francisco for 3 months and run this project. Here she tells you all about it:

Lately, the marketing world has been shifting from a one-direction advertisement method to a two-way communication trend. Regular television marketing has been outpaced as people today look to identify with the brands they are buying and using. This trend has led companies to look for people who could represent their brand daily, called Brand Ambassadors.

You may have heard this term often recently, but do you know what those brand ambassadors are doing exactly and what they bring to your company?

The ambassadors of a brand are a group of people who share your company’s visions and values. They are representing your brand on a daily basis and are considered your true advocates. Your ambassadors are entirely part of your company. A lot of new customers will come to them for advice and information about your brand. The company, therefore, builds a strong relationship with them, open for feedback and improvement ideas. This will enable you and your ambassadors to spread a clear and uniform brand message.

The relationship with ambassadors can best be built by talking openly and understanding what’s in it for each party. We mutually agreed that setting a list of KPIs that will be implemented was best. Having a monthly goal makes it easier for the ambassadors to know how they are doing and for the company to keep track of what the ambassadors have been up to. This will also allow you to build a long-lasting relationship with the people that are representing your brand.

We decided to start the program by selecting some of our most loyal users and the people that knew our brand the best. This allows us to start off with the people that truly know our brand the best and could help us develop it even further.

Check out who our ambassadors are. Make sure you follow them on social media so you can see what they’re up to on tero!

Click here to check them out.

If you feel like tero is the perfect match for you and you are eager to represent our brand by spreading the word out around you, please let us know! We want you to join us!

We’re going to be taking a little bit of time now to run this program and continuously improve with our first awesome batch of ambassadors. Keep your eyes open for our next ambassador’s application round in the fall of 2018, and join the tero team by spreading the love with us and joining the community of sweaty changemakers all over the world!


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