After our Meet the team series, we are introducing our “meet the Ambassadors” series since the Atlas Ambassador Program has officially launched! Each week we will highlight one of our ambassadors by sharing a little more of their story!

For this first week, we are highlighting Aisha Momaney, one of our oldest and most loyal users of the Atlas app. Besides being an awesome runner, Aisha is also a very talented executive Pastry Chef in New York. If you don’t believe us, just go take a look at all of her masterpeices on Instagram!

In an interview with her, Aisha shared with us how important running was for her. She shares “I have been running for about the last six years, with the last four years being more serious. Running is special to me because it is a time where I can completely tune out and unplug from what’s going on in the world. The rhythm of my feet on the ground and being alone with the thoughts in my head is therapeutic and a time of the day I look forward to having! When I don’t get to run and I see others running, I get jealous!”

Aisha continuously runs with the Atlas app, so which causes is she backing?  “I just started running with Nuxe against breast cancer. I’m excited to run for a cause that has affected people for such a long time. To make even the smallest difference would mean the world to me.”

Finally, Aisha expresses her impressions of the Atlas app by sharing that “Atlas Run has been an amazing platform to turn something that I love doing into something I can do to help others and meet other people who love to help also! By running with atlas, the miles I run directly contribute to so many amazing things. It has truly been amazing and exciting to be a part of. Being connected to so many other sweaty, generous, caring people has been so inspiring!”

It’s people like Aisha that inspire us to grow this community of sweaty changemakers everyday at Atlas! We’re so thankful to have her as a part of our family!

Check out Aisha on the Atlas App!