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The Advantage of Corporate Giving for Your Employees

October 13, 2021 |

We all noticed that the pandemic had changed the way we conduct business and our reliance on digital tools. But did you know it has also accelerated virtual trends in philanthropy?

In the past years, charitable giving has become increasingly central in companies’ corporate cultures. Due to the pandemic, the same can be said for tools that support digital working and virtual team building due to the pandemic. Combine the two, and you have a unique opportunity to modernize your giving programs and be ready for a digital and impactful future.

It is essential to do so to attract talent. A study from Re: Charity has shown that 71% of employees find it very important to work at a company that supports giving and volunteering.

Let’s look at the advantage of corporate giving and how it can influence employee interest, retention, and engagement.

The Competitive Advantage of Corporate Giving for Your Employees happy productive employees

Corporate Giving

What does corporate giving mean?  Also called “corporate social responsibility” (CSR) initiatives, corporate giving is a social and philanthropic initiative undertaken by companies. This occurs when a company donates time, money, or resources to a charity, foundation, or non-profit organization to together create a positive impact. 

In recent years, employees have become increasingly involved in these strategies, and in some businesses, they are at the center of corporate giving programs. 

person holding out gift with red ribbon

Advantage of Corporate Giving

The benefits of corporate giving are numerous. That’s why you’re probably wondering what they do beyond improving brand awareness and reputation?

Let’s dive right in and take a look at why charitable giving can also have an impact on your employees. First, this is one of the key opportunities to retain and engage employees, as well as build a more positive company culture. Today’s employees are more informed and according to Forbes, more than 70% of them now expect their companies to be socially responsible.

Also, the modern workforce sees their employment as a way to help make the world a better place. This presents an opportunity that should not be missed! If as a  company, you address this need for the purpose at work, 75% of your employees will tend to stay longer. You will enjoy growth, higher revenues, and the productivity benefits of a stable workforce. 

Competitive Advantage of Corporate Giving team with letters on t-shirts reading out team

Team building to make the work a better place

Involving your employees in a CSR strategy provides new ways to connect and bond to boost build team spirit.  This increases loyalty and creates a sense of belonging to the workplace. 

As a company, you must not overlook the essential investment that corporate social responsibility represents, especially if you want to remain competitive in a world seeking sustainable products, brands, and work environments.

Here are some successful team-building tips for your company.

Team building to make the work a better place

Bring your corporate giving strategy to the next level

How do you take your CSR strategy to the next level and include your employees in the journey? 

Allow your employees to provide input on the cause you will be supporting. This will clarify that their interests and ideas matter and strengthen the personal connection between them and your company. 

Embrace technology. In today’s world, work has become more flexible, and employees work most of the time remotely. So take advantage of this to design a virtual giving strategy that meets your employees’ needs and aligns with your philanthropic goals. 

At teroGO, we can help you implement the solution that best meets your needs. 

Idea #1: Implement a virtual team-building event with teroGO

This allows your staff to interact and build relationships through an online platform while supporting important causes worldwide. Each employee will be able to move for the cause you have decided to support wherever they are located. This is the solution to overcome physical limitations and unite your teams around a common goal. A successful example is Belron. You can see their accomplishment in the picture on the right. 

Idea #2: Sponsor a virtual fundraising event organized by a non-profit

Virtual races allow non-profit organizations to raise funds while engaging their communities in a meaningful way from anywhere on the planet. Very often, as with physical events, the race needs sponsors to put on the event.  Therefore, sponsoring a virtual race is the best way to give to a cause you care about while raising awareness for your brand.

To take it a step further and include your employees in the journey, offer them tickets to participate in this fundraising race. This way, you will also allow them to run, bike, or even meditate for the organization you support. 

We hope you picked up one or two of the advantages of corporate giving! Those who adopt modern technology, incorporate a set of proven best practices, and effectively communicate their corporate giving strategy to employees will experience many high rates of employee engagement and allow their employees to work in a purpose-driven place.

Are you ready to implement any of these initiatives in your workplace? Our amazing team is here to help!

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