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Encourage physical wellbeing in the workplace

Our platform provides a customizable, fun way for your company to promote employee physical wellbeing in the workplace. Create a virtual program or a single challenge that encourages employees to get active and watch as they build a strong sense of community, become more engaged at work, and develop healthier habits.

Build a connected, healthy team

Effortlessly prioritize wellbeing in the workplace with our features.

Unlimited activities

Engage employees to complete activities like running, biking, and scuba diving. Plus, they can earn virtual trophies by reaching their goals!

Community driven & gamified

Employees will interact as a community as they track activities, engage in friendly competition, share sweaty selfies, exchange virtual high-fives, chat in clubs, compete on leaderboards, and more!

Customizable goals

Choose a goal that’s in line with your strategy. Whether it’s collectively biking around the globe, doing a virtual 5k, or completing a step challenge as a team, the choice is yours.

Visibility & inspiration

Educate and inspire your community with pinned posts, emails, and through workplace messaging integrations. Build your brand image as an employer of choice that values the health of their employees.

Want a customized demo?

Schedule a call to get to know us and our product. We will guide and support you throughout your journey.

Solutions starting at just $4 per employee

Discover how they made an impact

XLG’s employees unlocked a €10,000 donation to KickCancer by engaging in sports and fitness activities like running, biking, kayaking, basketball, and dancing.

Euronav engaged their team around physical and mindfulness-based activities to unlock a donation of €15,000 for the Great Whale Conservancy.

SIGA motivated employees to work on their personal fitness, connect with colleagues around the world, and support a nonprofit organization. Fitness related activities like running, swimming and climbing were featured.

Sodexo engaged their employees around biking, running, walking, swimming, and other sports options. Upon completion of the activities, employees collected blue emoji hearts, each heart contributing to the overall challenge goal.

Swiss Re in Bratislava organized a virtual run that inspired their employees to boost their health, stretch, and clear their minds.

Make an impact by planting trees !

Engage employees and contribute to tree planting goals through teroGO’s tree planting challenges.

The concept is simple: the more your employees engage in healthy activities during their teroGO challenge, the more trees they unlock and plant.

Employees can plant trees when they walk or run!

Individual tree planting employee goal from atlasGO wellbeing platform for virtual challenges

Track activities with ease

Employees have a variety of options for tracking their activities, including third-party integrations such as Strava, Fitbit, Garmin, and Apple Health. Alternatively, they can manually enter the data or use in-app GPS tracking.

Mix physical wellbeing with any other focus area

From one time step challenges to year-long comprehensive wellbeing programs covering your strategic needs, we have the perfect solutions for you.

Why GO with teroGO?

Keep your employees engaged and connected while motivating them to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Engagement & retention

Connected, happy employees are 44% more likely to stay with their company.

Admin & reporting dashboard

Easily track employee efforts and improvements, analyze your KPIs.

Employee productivity & motivation

Investing in employee wellbeing makes them 3x more engaged and 23% more profitable.

100% customizable

Mix and match our options to fit your needs, or introduce your own ideas.

Features designed to engage and unite employees

Discover our top features that will motivate your employees to join in and stay involved.


Activity tracking

Employees build community as they track activities, celebrate their impact by sharing sweaty selfies, give each other virtual high-fives, chat in teams, compete on a leaderboard, and more!


Feed & Photo sharing

Employees can see all the photos and activities their colleagues have logged! Scroll through the feed to see shared photos, and double-tap to give them virtual high fives.



Leaderboards foster friendly competition! Challenge participants can see which teams and individuals are at the top of the list. Leaderboards can also be created by departments, office location, or any other option that fits your needs.


Clubs & Group chat

Clubs allow you to create communities inside your organization. With their own separate team chat option, members can share tips with each other. You can launch specific challenges for each of the clubs and members get to compete with each other on leaderboards!



Let your employees choose and complete personal achievements based on physical and mental wellbeing, impact, and sustainability. There are options for everyone on your team.


Employee Surveys

Personalized surveys track the progress of your employees through their well-being journey and help you learn more about what’s important to them.

We’re here to make your job easier

Throughout the process, your dedicated Customer Success Manager will guide you every step of the way and adapt as needed to make sure your goal is achieved!

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