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Living a Healthier Life: 5 Mind Hacks

April 12, 2021 |

We have 5 mind hacks that will change your life for the better.

How many of you have started a new year with more determination and enthusiasm than ever to keep your resolutions? A clean slate to “start over”?

The problem most people have is sticking to their goals. Most of the time, the key difference between success and failure is your mindset. Keep reading to learn the five BEST mindset hacks guaranteed to make your life a happier, healthier one.

1. Believe in Yourself – Confidence is Essential in Living A Healthier Life 

The first and arguably most important step to success is believing in yourself. Don’t let your mind stand between you and a healthy lifestyle. Have you heard of The Secret? It is a book that illustrates the importance of your thoughts and the innate ability we have to shape our surroundings through the power of the mind.

Thoughts directly influence the outcome. The way you speak to yourself is incredibly important. Negative and positive words will be reflected in your results and quality of life. If you reframe your mind, thoughts, and beliefs, you will set yourself up for success, but the opposite is true if your mind is prone to more negative thoughts.

If you aren’t willing to believe in your success, then who will? Take control over your life, empower yourself and achieve your goals by being your own biggest supporter and remaining optimistic.

Living a Healthier Life: 5 Mind Hacks

2. The Importance of Self-Talk

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.

Sound familiar?  Most of us have heard this at some point in our childhoods, but it isn’t entirely true. Words can hurt, both emotionally or mentally, especially the words you say to yourself. Discouraging self-talk can create a very pessimistic, hopeless mindset.

Avoid limiting terms such as “can’t” or “shouldn’t.” Try to use positive words to reconstruct sentences into encouraging self-talk.

For example, instead of saying “I can’t eat junk food,” try “I am not eating junk food for the benefit of my health,” or “I choose to eat this in MODERATION.”  Restructuring your self-talk also restructures your mind, which must be in the right place to lead a balanced and sustainable lifestyle.

woman giving thumbs up positive

3. Small Things Lead to BIG Results

One of the most dispiriting feelings is being overwhelmed by a goal or task you set for yourself. For instance, saying “I want to save $100,000” is a mountain of a statement, especially for mid to low-level earners. While this number can remain your final target, it’s important to break down this massive goal into smaller, more attainable goals such as $1000 or even $100 milestones.

The purpose of breaking down an ambitious goal is to build up your confidence which is crucial for long-term success, as mentioned earlier. Celebrate each small milestone you hit with a small reward. This will give you the refreshing boost you need to keep working and stay excited about your goals!

Here is a useful article on how to achieve your goals.

writing out monthly goals, the importance of breaking down large milestones into smaller, more attainable steps

Simplicity is very important. Say you want to reduce your fried food intake because you eat it frequently. Rather than going cold turkey, cut down SLOWLY. Limit yourself to fried items once a week, then once biweekly, and so on. Allow yourself to enjoy in moderation every once in a while!

teroGO virtual races and employee engagement challenges are an excellent example of an activity that has an overall goal but can be broken down into milestones (shown to the left).

Living a Healthier Life: 5 Mind Hacks

4.  Set Rules for Yourself – Discipline is CRUCIAL

It’s easy to lose momentum as time goes on, and that’s completely understandable. Many people need an external source of motivation to keep them on track, but many others are self-starting and managing themselves.   Either way, hard rules need to be set, and you need to do your best to stick to them no matter what to build a strong, disciplined mindset.

For example, you can set baby goals each day that will pave the way to eventual success. These goals can include something as easy and small as washing all the dishes in the sink. You don’t have to restrict yourself to a certain time frame, which can bring undue stress into your already hectic life.

Instead, set boundaries like this: “I will finish the dishes by the end of the day.” With this statement, you are giving yourself a fairly flexible time period in which you can operate at your own pace without feeling pressured to achieve a goal all at once.

Living a Healthier Life: 5 Mind Hacks

5. Give Yourself a Break – BALANCE IS KEY

Don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s a fine line to walk between self-talk and self-blame. It’s okay if you miss a milestone or opportunity; try to see where you can improve rather than beating yourself up. If you don’t end up reaching your end goal, but you know you tried your best, that’s amazing too. It’s an amazing opportunity to learn about yourself so that you can set a more achievable goal next time.

It’s not about the journey. It’s about the destination. Another cliche that is actually very important, especially when trying to lead a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes you take away more from each step than you would from the outcome.

Living a Healthier Life: 5 Mind Hacks

Living a Healthier Life: 5 Mind Hacks Conclusion

Whether you want to change your diet, exercise routine, or any other habit to lead a healthier life, the above points are crucial to getting your mindset in the best place. Like anything worth doing in life, it takes determination, consistency, and time, but you will come out the other side with more confidence and tools for success. Remember these 5 mind hacks for living a healthier life. Your life will change forever.

Written by Jess Lin. 

Living A Healthier Life: 5 Mind Hacks

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